About Pinapalooza

More complete information will be available on October 14th.

Pinapalooza 2019 at The Airport Tavern

Pinapalooza is in it's 3rd year! It's a pinball festival benefiting Feed 253 in effort to support needing families during the holiday season. For 4 days Airport Tavern will install over 30 pinball machines, host tournaments, giveaways and raffle prizes.

Entrance: $10 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) All machines will be on Free Play. Sunday No Entrance Fee All Machines.

Bring Canned / Non Perishable food Item for $2 off your entrance fee.

Pinball Machine List will be updated here 1 week prior to the show.


The IFPA points will be big this week!

Thursday 11/14: Fair-Strike Tournament

Friday 11/15: Flipper Frenzy

Saturday 11/16: Tacoma City Pinball Championship

Sunday 11/17: Group Knock Out

More detailed information available at the bottom of this page.

More information on tournament rule sets and ways to get involved will be updated Monday, October 14th.

All Proceeds from this event including all door proceeds and canned food items will be donated to Feed253.

Tournament Details

Thursday 11/14: Fair-Strike Tournament
Sign up start at 7. Tournament starts at 8. $5 buy in, 6 strikes. 3 or 4 person groups. Winner takes NO strikes,2nd and 3rd take One strike. Last place takes Two strikes.
0, 1, 1, 2 strike/4 player game. 0, 1, 2 strike/3 player game, 0, 1 strikes/2 player game.

Friday 11/15: Flipper Frenzy with multi-matchplay finals.
$10 buy in. Sign up starts at 7, tournament starts at 8 pm. Flipper Frenzy style. Places 25-30% of the players entered into a stand by que. Round 1 is random pairing played in order listed. At the end of Rd 1, player 2 will then enter the que, player 1 then becomes player 2. The player coming out of the que becomes player 1 and continues that flow for 2 hours. After each rd, both players will come and report outcome. You are encouraged to take a picture of your game to minimize complications.
At the end of 2 hours of play, player win/loss percentages will be calculated. Players with the highest win/loss percentages will move on to a multi match play semi finals and finals. Slots moving to semis will be determined based on total entries day of tournament.

Saturday 11/16: Tacoma City Pinball Championship
$25 buy in. 64 player cap. Sign up start at 10am. Tournament will begin at 11am. A and B tier finals. B tier ifpa of 4 or less.
Group match play format for 8 rounds of qualifying. There will be a food break at this point. 16 tier A players and 8 tier B players will move to the semi finals of 4 more rounds of match play. 8 tier A and 4 tier B players move to finals for 4 more rounds of match play. Tie breakers will only be played for playoff bound players. One game on pre determined game, the day of tournament. Full set of rules and payout percentages will be available and explained morning of tournament.

Sunday 11/17: Group Knock out format.
$5 buy in, 3 strikes out. Sign ups start at 7, tournament starts at 8. This is our normal weekly tournament so if we have 20 players or more, the bar will pay the ifpa fees and match the pot.
In 4 and 3 player groups, players 1 and 2 DO NOT take a strike. Players 3 and 4 always take 1 strike.